Big things are on the horizon for me. with a new addition to my family as well new business opportunities, 2013 will be a life changing period. I am also very exited to finally make my photographs available for purchase online for the first time through this site. i have selected a number of images i hope you all will like and hopefully find a place for in your home.

I am now shooting with the new Canon 5Dmk3 and loving it. the new auto focus system is the best i have ever used. i have been working with my sponsor Liquid Eye Water Housing Systems to build an amazing system to take full advantage of the 5Dmk3. check out what they are doing at www.lewhs.com.

I have been lucky enough to pick up a kiteboarding sponsor as well. I have been riding for Cabrinha Kites since last August and am amazed at the quality of the kites and boards i am now riding. I have felt since day one that you should be at least able to do the sports you shoot at some level. I have been kiting for 9 years now and am still loving it as much as the first time i stayed up wind. Every time the trees start to move with the slightest bit of urgency, my pulse quickens with anticipation of getting to go kite.

me in front of the camera for once... Bali

me in front of the camera for once… Bali

I know its been a year since my last blog entry… i will make a point i don’t leave you hanging for this long again….

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