Well, its here…. I finally did it… im a blogger… recently, an accomplished writer friend of mine went on a twenty minute tirade about how any monkey with a computer and a few spare brain cells can have a blog and subsequently think their a writer… well. I have summoned a few of my spare brain cells, and put on the monkey suit….

The trouble for me is that I’m not sure what I should say in this new monkey suit forum I find myself the master of. Should I talk about Photography? A natural subject for someone with my inclination towards aiming high-tech imaging equipment at the things around me in the pursuit of the next meal.. should i talk about the making of pictures? Or, should I tell all of you about my charmed life on a tropical island in the Indian ocean were everything is perfect everyday… im not really a fiction writer, so ill skip that for now. the part about living on an island is true… I will at some point, find a use for jotting down random thoughts for you to read at your leisure but I am not sure that will happen today.

There are many things in my life that I care about deeply and will at some point dive into them using this space as a medium. Just for the fun of it, more a mental exercise aimed at figuring out what those things I care about are, I will attempt to list them below.

My wife Titik, my family, Art, Writing (the real kind not this blogging stuff), Landscapes, the Ocean, Kitesurfing, Surfing alone, my dog Bora, My friends, the fate of our stricken planet, NHL hockey or any form of ice hockey for that matter,  the sound of utter Silence, Wind, Water, spicy food, moon lit landscapes, travel, oh yeah… Photography… but you knew that already.

for those who take offense to poor sentence structure and many spelling errors, i would like to apologize…like i always say when people ask me about my writing. i build a house, and after the walls are up and the wire is laid. the plumbing is in and working and the doors are hung. i give you an almost finished house….. one that needs a finish carpenter among other things. usually i have the magical skills of the man they call the copy editor…. no such luck for my little baby blog.

on a brighter note…. its still raining here in Bali….

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